Hello, my name is Shirley L. Hays.

I am currently in Yamhill, Oregon with my dog Zoe. We are having the best time hiking and exploring all that Oregon has to offer.

I am a self-taught artist.  For large pieces, my favorite medium is oil paint. When painting small, even tiny pieces of art I use acrylic and watercolor paint. Then there is the fun and never boring mixed media art.

One of my favorite things to work with is fabrics and fibers. It’s pure enjoyment to make beautiful things to use and live with everyday. I make quilts, tat, knit, and crochet.  I learned tatting in my teens. After learning to make the basic knot, the rest was self taught.  In Aug of 2013 I started making bobbin lace and various types of needle lace.

My interests and talents are definitely eclectic. You just never know what I might try or make next.

Contact me at shadetreeart.com@gmail.com

Also you can find me at the following sites:


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