Queen Anne’s Lace Tatted

This is how I made the large flower of Queen Anne’s Lace for my tatted sampler book.

Step 1:  Tat 3 separate pieces.

  1. The stem is a chain and the length is up to you.  Whatever is pleasing to your eye is correct.
  2. The leaves under the flower is another chain with 5 picots on each end.  Smaller picots on the outer edges gradually making them larger toward the center.  5 picots looked right to me but again you can add as many that are pleasing to your eye.
  3. The flower is a chain of 80 rings with 10 small picots.  It measured about 9 inches.

Step 2:  Sew the stem onto your fabric.  Hide your thread in between the knots of your tatting.

Step 3:  Sew the leaf piece a little lower than the end of the stem.

Step 4:  Test how the flower is going to look before it is pinned into place. Started a circle on the outer edge and work toward the center.  The center part of the flower should be raised a little higher than the edge.  After you get it just the way you like it, start to carefully pin it in place.  Some will move but those can be adjusted as you sew them down.  Start sewing the outer edge first.  Work your way to the center loosely in some areas so the piece stays raised, but make sure those loose ones are sewn to another one.  I did not sew everyone down and my thread can be seen up close…you have get really close to see it so don’t worry.