Quilted Fabric Book

In Aug 2010 I started a Quilted Fabric Book, so today I am happy to say it’s completed!!

All those little fabric bits, atcs, buttons, fabric postcards and other odd bits I have made over the years now have a home.

Everything is tied into the book, so it’s easy to remove for future projects.

A silk pouch holds 2 yellow cotton crocheted bookmarks.  A fabric atc is stitched to the pouch.

This a fabric envelope with old buttons inside.

A postcard that I didn’t like so I never posted it to trade.

Scented sachet surrounded by buttons.

I joined a swap for atc cupcakes and made a few extra.

Another swap for fabric atc and yes I made extra.

All these wonderful swaps which are so much fun I end up making extras, like these postcard.

Well hope you enjoyed the last completed pages of my book.

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  1. wow..that is magnificant!

    July 10th, 2012

  2. Shirl

    Thanks Roc. It was fun to go through all the stuff I have made to use in the book. I still have a lot of fabric bits so another book is in the works.

    July 11th, 2012

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