5.5 inch Strand of Tatted Lace

5in strand

This 5.5 inch strand of lace was made using DMC Cordonnet Special in size 3o.

The pattern says to make a ring, cut and tie but I adjusted the pattern making it continuous.

The pattern can be found in a vintage book called Priscilla Tatting Book No. 1

The book is free and can be found here at Antique Pattern Library.

Traveling with Tatting supplies

Tatting Travel Box 1

We made a huge lifestyle change this year.  In Feb. 2014 we downsized our belongings from a 3000 sq ft home to an RV and a small farm house of 1200 sq ft in Kentucky.  As far as tatting supplies,  I downsized nothing. My book collection was impossible to bring in the RV. So they are at home waiting for me to swap them out as we return.

Plastic containers were the best way to store my supplies.  I have a large one that has the bulk of what I need and a few smaller containers full of nothing but thread.  You just can’t have enough thread, ever.

Tatting Travel Box 2

Tatting Travel Box 3

Tatting Travel Box 4

Here are few pieces that I made since living in the RV.  Sept is when we started traveling and it’s been amazing so far.

Doily 2

sample 1

sample 2

sample 3

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