My first needle lace piece

Starting from an article in PieceWork magazine May/June 2009 issue and two online forums Needle Lace Talk and Lynxlace  I was able to create my first piece of needle lace.

There are lots of mistakes but then it is my first time trying this type of lace making.

I started working the lace by holding it my hands.

It was a little awkward so I made a lace pillow.

The pillow is made by rolling cotton quilt batting tightly.  Then I measured my roll and sewed a covering.

A large knitting needle is used to lift the area being worked.

It seemed to go faster on the pillow since both hands could work the lace.

The method I used for the tracing thread left too much slack or I didn’t have my tension correct.

Either way it was hard to work with and will do the couching method next time.

After the piece is done I cut away the threads between the paper pattern and fabric.

Once the lace is removed from the paper pattern I took a pair of tweezers and removed all the tiny threads from the back.

Torchon Lace Workshop


Last weekend I took a Torchon Lace Workshop by Karen Thompson.

There is nothing like a challenge so I choose a pattern of stitches I had no idea how to work.

Talk about jumping ahead, it was hard.

Only toward the end of the pattern did it all click and come together.

I will work this pattern again so I have a correct version to compare.

This is the second pattern I chose to work.  It has a gimp which was something else I didn’t know how to work.

It’s still on my pillow waiting for me to finish.

This pattern was much easier than the first.

Teach Yourself Torchon Lace: Lesson 4

Learning this has been a lot of fun.  This book is pretty awesome.

“Teach Yourself Torchon Lace” by Eunice Arnold

 I am getting pretty excited to learn Bedfordshire lace.

I have a beginners book that is calling my name.

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