My first bobbin lace piece

I am learning how to make bobbin lace.

This little snake bookmark is my first piece.

There are a few mistakes but I am really enjoying the whole process.

Tatting Demonstrations at the Smithsonian

I was invited to do tatting demonstrations at the Smithsonian with my lace group.

We are there every 4th Thursday of the month. Stop by the American History Museum to see us.

We have bobbin lace demonstrations.

Tamara and I do tatting demonstrations.

So many people have never heard of tatting or even seen it being made.

It’s always nice to hear stories about family members who tat or what pieces have been passed down through their family.

It’s even more exciting when someone wants to learn how to tat.

Tatting book collection

Jean from a lace group I belong to is down sizing her hobby room.

I was so lucky to receive her amazing collection of tatting books.

This weekend my nose is going to be in those books, dreaming and planning of future projects.

I am a bit of book nut, so my rule is what comes in must go out.

This weekend some of my books will be gifted to make room for the tatting books.

Here are pictures of the books:

Tatted Edging

This cute little edging is done with DMC thread in ecru and white size 30.

I am taking a little break from the Honey Napkin to work on other smaller pieces.

There is nothing like instant gratification.

Honey Napkin Row 7

Here is row 7 of the Honey Napkin.

This row is curling up and not sure if I should tear it out or hope that blocking will fix the problem in the end.

I won’t start row 8 until I decide what to do about this row.

Pattern is by Renulek.

She has the steps on her blog Tatting, Tatting, Chiacchierino.

Here are the links to each row.

Honey Napkin

Row 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18

Thread is DMC size 50 in ecru.

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