Quilted Fabric Book

In Aug 2010 I started a Quilted Fabric Book, so today I am happy to say it’s completed!!

All those little fabric bits, atcs, buttons, fabric postcards and other odd bits I have made over the years now have a home.

Everything is tied into the book, so it’s easy to remove for future projects.

A silk pouch holds 2 yellow cotton crocheted bookmarks.  A fabric atc is stitched to the pouch.

This a fabric envelope with old buttons inside.

A postcard that I didn’t like so I never posted it to trade.

Scented sachet surrounded by buttons.

I joined a swap for atc cupcakes and made a few extra.

Another swap for fabric atc and yes I made extra.

All these wonderful swaps which are so much fun I end up making extras, like these postcard.

Well hope you enjoyed the last completed pages of my book.

Butterfly envelope with instructions for the background

Roc at the Artists’ Nest monthly altered envelope challenge for July is butterflies and the color green.

I have enclosed a message inside even though the envie may never be opened.

 Here are step by step instructions on how the back ground was created:

Open an envelope to use as a template.

Trace your template onto a piece of scrapbook paper.

Fold the edges using a bone folder or the handles from your scissors.

Glue all the edges down.

With a scrap piece of paper the length of the envie draw and cut scallops. Save both pieces you will need them.

Cover the lower part of your envie with the template and stamp the top part of the envie using a permanent waterproof ink like StazOn.

Draw diamonds or squares lightly with a ruler and pencil.

Using the other half of the scallop template cover the top part you stamped to protect it, then stamp the lower part of the envie.

This can be done before or after the shading, which ever is easiest.

Shade the inner top sides of the diamonds.  I used a stamp pad and flat paint brush.

Highlight the diamonds with a white gel pen.

Highlight the edges of the diamonds with gold acrylic paint and a liner brush.

Also go around the edges the envelope.

Now are you ready to embellish your envie.

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