Bookmark Challenge

Wanda at the Artist’s Nest always hosts a monthly bookmark challenge.  I love this challenge since I am able to create and trade for a piece of art I actually use.   I made my bookmark from a rubber stamp designed by my friend Roc Nicholas.  She is so creative and just got her first line of rubber stamps made which can be purchased at Stampotique Originals.

Aquamarkers and waterbrush pens

This is my first attempt at using Aquamarkers.  Both bird paintings are postcards size 4″ x 6″.   I love painting this bird.

The one on the left was my first attempt.  The colors are not as vibrant and only used the aquarmarkers, a white paint pen and micron pen.  The markers were a bit of challenge for me.  I do not like the fact that it leaves a mark where you used it on the paper.  My paint got muddy and the paper was worn away trying to get rid of the marker lines.

The one on the right I used some regular watercolor for the back ground, a white paint pen and micron pen was also used in the painting.  I also used the markers to color a circle on my palette paper and picked up the paint with my water brush pen instead of using the markers directly on the paper.  I am much happier with the second attempt.

Scented Sachets

Scented sachets made with little bits of left over fabrics.  I hate to throw anything away and all my tiny fabric scraps have found a new use.   A cotton linen scent was used and they smell wonderful.

Blue Train Wheel oil painting

Blue Train Wheel
Oil 16″x40″
By Shirley L. Hays

This painting goes to its new home today.  It’s always hard to part with a painting.

The following pictures are the work in progress.


Valentine felt headband

At Treasures for Tots there is a great tutorial for making cute little felt headbands.

I made this one for Eva.

Bookmark made from a birthday card.

I got a beautiful birthday card this year and decided to re-purpose the card into bookmarks. Now I can enjoy the card all year and there are a few extras for gifts.

This is very simple to make and a great way to repurpose cards.

1. Cut your card into stripes for bookmarks.

2. Use your choice of medium to create a stained border effect. I used ink and rubbed the edges with my fingers.  Do this to both sides.

3. Then go over the edges of the paper with a sharpie marker.

4. Using an awl and a ruler to get an even line,  poke holes along all the border of the book mark.

5. A gel pen was used to draw a little white line between all the holes. Do this on both sides.

6. The last step is to add little black dots along the already existing patterns in the paper using a black Micon Pen. Do this on both sides.

Two scarves and a shawl

I am on a sewing kick.  The goal was to de-stash but I still find myself at the fabric store. The first scarf is a tube style that can wrap up to 3 times around the neck. It’s made of a thicker suit type fabric.

The blue and black is made of sheer fabrics so its light weight.

The shawl is made of a very sheer print with gold accents and a solid orange backing.

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