More Aprons!

The apron marathon continues.  This one is for Megan.

This one is for Von.

This one is for Debbie.


Rambler oil painting

This painting is finally dry and ready to be shipped to its new home this week.  I will miss seeing it hanging on my wall.

Brock and Char saw the picture of my truck painting and wanted their little Rambler car painted in the same style.



It’s a fabric destash apron marathon!

My fabric stash seems to be never ending.  My cabinet is full of fabric from left over quilts and quilts that never came to life.  So in order to destash I am going to make aprons for the women in my family.  My cousin Courtney and mother in law Charmie are helping me with which apron suits each person.  Thanks Ladies!

This one is for Aunt Sue.

This one is for Aunt Renie. It wraps around like a skirt, how cool!

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