Riverwalk postcards


Yesterday afternoon was beautiful on the Riverwalk.  These  4″x6″  postcard watercolor paintings were done near Travis street.

Both original paintings are available for $15.oo each.  Please email me at shadetreeart.com@gmail.com if you are interested.

Plein Air watercolor postcard

These postcards are just too much fun to paint, as you can tell I cannot stop.   After reading about  plein air painting, I decided to paint postcards of actual places,  instead of whatever comes to mind.  This little postcard was painted near Lackland south of San Antonio.  It was so awesome to sit by the stream listening to nature while painting.

Watercolor postcards

I am having the best time painting these watercolor postcards on digital photo paper.

Watercolor paintings on digital photo paper

When I purchased new ink for my printer it came with a large stack of digital photo paper.  The paper was the standard postcard size.  So I painted them with watercolor and stamped the backs with StazOn ink making them into postcards.

Texas Sunset oil painting

Texas Sunset Feb 9, 2011

oil painting,  48″x36″,  6/2011

by Shirley L. Hays


In November of 2010 we moved to San Antonio, Texas.  Our 11th floor apartment faces the western sky with the most beautiful sunsets.  In Jan. I started taking pictures of the sunsets, then I got the brave idea to paint one.  This is my first attempt at painting a large sky and a night city scene.   It was a challenge and found myself getting frustrated with the lower part of the painting.  Then at 3am I woke up with a solution and went straight to work.  I am very pleased.


Here are pictures of the painting at various stages.

Hanging above Bracken’s desk.

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