Corner bookmarks

These are fun, fast and super easy to make using scrapbook paper.

I joined a group at Artist’s Nest to make and exchange 2 bookmarks.  Yes I got carried away and made more than I needed too but whoever I get to trade with can choose the one they like best.

After making a few I decided to get creative and make some from envelopes.  I always save anything that has a pretty print  for a future project and these envelopes made great corner bookmarks.  I made one for the person who sent the card and one for myself.

Here are a few videos to get you started.

Recycled magazine envelopes

Don’t throw out your old magazines recycle them into envelopes.  These are simple to make.  Take apart an envelope to use as a template.  I made 2 templates using a clear plastic found in the quilting section of a fabric store.  Using a clear piece of plastic allows to see the design.   Sometimes I glue the seams, tape them or use a sticker to seal the envelope.



My friend Jennifer loved my potholders.  Her father has the same set that has been around forever.  I made her set in black to match her modern kitchen.


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