Baby hat for Davis

Today I made this cute little for the Davis family!  They are so excited about their little girl.  Hope they like the hat.

Ruffle scarf in blue tones

This scarf is pretty when wrapped around your neck, the ruffles really stand out.  I made it for myself and love the colors but was hoping for more lighter tones since I wear a lot black.  So I plan to make it again in a really light blue or green.  Which means yarn shopping, whoo hoooo now that is just about as much fun as knitting.  You can find this scarf at my Etsy shop.

Yarn:  JoJoland Rhythm superwash 100% wool dye lot: 008, color#: rs65

Needles:  HiyaHiya stainless steel circular, this is my first time using these needles and I can say they are my new favorite

Pattern:  Classic Elite Yarns, Liberty Wool, Molly

Another set of bird napkins

These napkins are just too much fun! I have my set sitting out on the counter so I can enjoy them all the time.
This set is available on Etsy.

Bird napkins

As I was doing laundry today I decided to throw out all of my cloth napkins.  We had them for years and it showed.  Instead of buying them, like I usually do,  making them was  the new plan.  This is my first set with a bird appliqued onto the front with a button hole stitch done in black.  These napkins have a pattern on the front and a solid back.The bobbin tension on my machine was off.   I didn’t realize it until all four were done, oh well they are still fun.  Now I am off to make more.

Pelican painting

This small 2″x3″ inch original painting done in acrylic.  Photo was taken by my Uncle Shelby.

Bird Painting #2

Bird painting #2 is a tiny little piece on stretched canvas 2″x3″, an original acrylic painting by Shirley L. Hays.

Bird Painting

Last week I started this little painting from my Moleskin sketchbook.  It is an original small painting 5″ x 7″, done in acrylic on a gallery canvas.

Here is both the Moleskin sketchbook and painting in progress.

Moleskin sketchbook done in watercolor and micron pen.

Tatting Shuttles listed on Etsy

I listed more upcycled vinyl record tatting shuttles at my etsy shop.  These were made from a record by John Travolta “Can’t Let You Go”.

Etsy store is up and running

My Etsy shop is now open. Please feel free to request items, like tatting shuttles, handmade tatted bookmarks in a certain color or style etc….or other items on my site that are not listed in my shop. If its possible to recreate an item I will be more than happy to make it especially for you.

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