Needle Festival at Stitchin Fingers

An email was sent out informing members at Stitchin Fingers about a special event, “Needle Festival”.  Yes I am a day late….opps.

This is a quote from the email:

“In Japan, the Hari-Kuyo ceremony is held once a year on 8th February.  Women bring their broken or worn out needles to the “Broken Needle Festival” to thank them for good service and lay them to rest in a soft jelly or tofu cakes.  This 400-year old tradition has its roots in Buddhism and is based on the belief that even animated objects have a soul.  I do not know much about the ceremony or the beliefs behind it but when I first read about Hari-kuyo, the idea of paying my respects to my needles seemed entirely appropriate.

It has been a long time since I have actually taken everything out of my needle box or even had them all in one place.  I usually have several projects going at one time with my needles in different project bags.  So I collected all my pincushions and needle holders to take this picture.

I have also added a new page “Pincushions” to my site.  You can see individual pictures there.   I enjoy making them as gifts for my crafty friends.

My first pair of gloves

Piecework Magazine Sept/Oct 2010 issue featured knits that were in literature.    The gloves are Ballybeg Homeworker’s Gloves they are knitted on stage in Brian Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa.  They are the very first pair of gloves that I have knitted.   I was a little nervous starting out on my own but it was way easier than I thought.  Actually I found that I love making gloves.  There is just something satisfying about knitting with little needles and thin yarn.

Yarn:  Cleckheaton, 70% merino wool 30%nylon, Baby Cocoon 4ply

Needles: Brittany size 2.75mm

Pattern: Piecework Magazine Sept/Oct 2010 issue

Purl the quirky art doll in turquoise

The original Purl doll was made to trade in a swap I am hosting,  but I liked her so much I couldn’t part with her.  So I made one in turquoise to trade.  She really is a fun doll to make.

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