2 quilts quilted and binded in 2 days

We are moving to Texas and the movers came 2 days earlier than we expected.  There was a teal quilt in the frame that I had started a few months ago, so I hurried to finish the quilting and binding.  It went pretty fast and I was very pleased.

Then this bright idea came to me to do the another quilt.  Just to let you know I have several quilt tops completed its the quilting and binding that I have a hard time finishing.  What a mess it turned out to be…my machine needs to be serviced badly.  The needle thread kept breaking.  No matter what I did to the machine, adjust tension, change needle, mess with bobbin tension….ugggg it would just keep breaking.   After we spent all day packing I started at 3pm in the afternoon an d worked until 11:30pm to finish the quilt.  Talk about being tired but the quilt is completed and beautiful.

Most quilters are going to cringe when I say this….I do not wash my fabrics before cutting into them.   Nope its cut, sew, quilt, then into the wash (sometimes more than once)…I love how the fabric crinkles up and becomes super soft like its been around for awhile.  These pictures are before I put them into wash.  They are packed already so I am unable to show you pics of before at the moment.

Knitted baby scratch mitts

These cute little scratch mitts are a free pattern from HipKnitized by Jen Gontier .    These are going to be my traveling project during our big move to Texas.  They are an enjoyable quick and simple knit.

It’s amazing to think that sweet little hands will fit into these tiny mittens.  Some I have given as gifts, but the bulk of them will be going to the Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center.

More tatting shuttles listed at Etsy

I just listed 2 Upcycled Vinyl Record Tatting Shuttles this morning on Etsy.  They are $25.00 each, $4.oo US shipping, $6.oo everywhere else.

Happy Shopping!

Fabric found at a yard sale for one dollar.

My husband does not care for yard sales but he is sweet as pie and takes to them whenever I ask.  This yard sale was kind of a sad one.  The lady had passed away and they opened up her whole house.  It was awkward since the family was going through her stuff.  She was a quilter.  I did buy all her fabric for $1.00 how you pass all that up for a buck.  It was in two large rubber maid bins, I had to just buy it and go through it at home not knowing what was in there.  I dumped it all in the garage and sorted it by colors.

The quilted pieces in the mix were all hand sewn.  She saved every tiny scrap.  Some of the fabric pieces were even matched, stitched together to create a larger piece, and then cut again for her quilt square.

A lot of it was ruined about half was unusable.  I then washed and ironed what I had left.

I will be able to get a quilt top and piece together a back for the cost of one dollar!   Since the fabric is mostly scraps I decided to make a wonky log cabin quilt.  The picture is sample square I made from this fabric stash. This is a project I will complete when I get settled into my new home in Texas.

Little quilted squares swap

At Artists’ Nest  I joined round 2 of the quilted square swap.  This is one of those swaps that I just don’t want to end.  In fact I am making several more for myself, hoping to piece together a great bag.

Here are the ones being mailed to the swap host today.

Upcycled vinyl record tatting shuttles

It was fun to figure out how to upcycle a vinyl record into a tatting shuttle.  The results were better than I expected and I am very proud of these.  I took special care to ensure that each tip touches so your thread won’t unwind and it makes that beautiful clicking sound as thread is passed through the tips.  Each one is made individually, but  they are all very similar.  They are smooth to tat with.

These are available at my etsy shop Shade Tree Art for $25.00 each.

My first mittens

I am so excited to have made my first mittens.  On Ravelry I found a chart for these cute little mittens.  Only problem was it was the chart only.  I downloaded a similar pattern to work from and Molly at the Yarnside Gathering was sweet to help with steps like the kitchener stitch.    The cuff was a problem since I did a stockinette stitch it curled up on me.  I fixed it by picking up stitches and adding a picot edging which came out beautiful.

Since I started knitting lots of ladies have tried talking me into making socks, which is a very popular thing to knit these days, but they don’t appeal to me.   To my amazement I discovered that I love making mittens and gloves as much as those who like knitting socks.  It’s the little needles, super soft sock yarn and the instant gratification that I love!

Yarn used was Cleckheaton Cocoon, baby 4ply, 70% merino wool and 30% nylon.

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