Quilted Pillow Book

I joined a swap on The Artists’ Nest to make 4 quilted pillows to trade, I also made one for myself.   Here are the instructions to Teesha Moore’s quilted pillows, that she makes into art journals.    My returns were fantastic, it was one of the coolest swaps.  After playing with the layout for a good week.   I decided to make a book that will temporarily hold all my altered fabric bits.  They look much prettier in the book than a box.

  • The cover is one of my pieces and 4 from other artists.  The swirls are couched recycled sari yarn that go from the front cover over the binding and onto the back of the book.

  • This back piece is a quilted square that my friend Roc gave me a few years ago.  I believe her grandmother quilted this block, which makes it a special piece in my book.

  • On the inside of the front cover and back are my initials.

  • The bits are attached to the page like you would tie down a quilt, which is simple and makes each piece easy to remove for use in future projects.

  • For the pages I cut a fabric front and cotton batting. Next I quilted strips and sewed them right onto the batting.  I would sew down all three pieces in areas for the quilting.   Then I folded over the edges as done in Teesha’s tutorial.

Hannah’s Muffler

My cousin Hannah crocheted the cutest muffler.  She gave some instructions on her blog The Buescher Project.  The yarn I used was really chunky so I was only able to do 3 rows with an edging.  This is a really quick and easy crochet project.

Yarn used was Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick & Chunky in a Wheat color and a size N crochet hook.  I started with a chain of 45, this gave me an overlap of about 4 inches.

  1. Row 1: dc in second then the following sts.
  2. Row 2:  ch2, dc 2, chain 2(this creates the button hole, smaller buttons only chain 1 or none if your button fits into the dc) dc in following sts.
  3. Row 3:  ch2, dc in following sts.
  4. Edging: ch 3,  sc 1, ch 3,  sc 1 *repeat around 3 sides leaving the edge where your button is sewn undone.  I found that with the edging there it looked really bulky.

Crocheted Potholders

The colored potholders are going to my friend Anna.  Her church does food baskets at Christmas and they are putting a handmade potholder into each basket.  The 2 white ones are going to Charmie, my mother in law.

They were made with Sugar’n Cream cotton.  The pattern is the best with the double thickness makes a great potholder.  You can find this free pattern at The Boring Knitter.  The white ones I made bigger by chaining 43 instead of 33.

The cover of my tatted samplerbook

The cover of my tatted sampler book is complete and I am so happy with the results.  Thanks to Piecework Magazine’s July/Aug  2010 Issue, Homage to Sampler Books for inspiring me create a book of my own.

The frame is by Mary Konior, Tatting with Visual Patterns.  The binding is in just about every other book used in many different ways.

Here is the binding piece sewn onto the book.

This is the first time I have ever tried tatting something like a picture or scene.  I worked from a picture in Tatting Technique & History by Elgiva Nicholls.   There were a few instructions in the book but after reading it I decided to just work it out myself.  It was an interesting process.  I started from the bottom and added every piece except the large flower as I went.  I made the flower in one piece.  Here is a tutorial on how I made the large Queen Anne’s Lace flower.  I added the stems by joining the chains like you would join rings.  When I was done I had what looked like a dried weed.

I pinned the center stem piece down first then sewed it into place.  The worked from the center out.

The center stem thread is Lady Shuttle Makers Coffee and Cream HDT in size 20, the flowers are DMC white size 60, the stems and leaves are silk threads that I picked up at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

I am counting this center piece as #1 for my 3rd round in the 25 Motif Challenge.

Fabric book by Typs Tatting

Typs Tatting used my fabric book pattern to make a great book for herself.  She has 2 full pages of tatting sewn into the book already.  Here is a link to her blog.

I have created a section on my site to link everyone who uses the fabric book.  It doesn’t have to be tatting, the book lends itself to be used for anything.  So let me know what you have made with the fabric book pattern I will link your lovely work.

Tatted 25 Motif Challenge round 2 complete!

Woot!!  I just finished round 2 of the 25 Motif Challenge.

This challenge has been enjoyable, it keeps me tatting up a storm.  I love seeing what everyone is tatting, it provides endless inspiration.

Now I am ready to start on round 3.

This piece measures 10.5″ x 2″.  Thread used is DMC 30 in Ecru.

Tatted Sampler Book

Piecework Magazine’s July/Aug 2010 issue was a homage to samplers.  This was right up my ally and I have been working on a tatted sampler book.  My book is not complete as this is a project that will take years to fill with wonderful pieces of tatting that I have made.  I am also thinking about making another book for found pieces of tatting that I have collected from flea markets, yard sales and gifts.

The issue didn’t have instructions on how to make the fabric book itself .  I couldn’t find anything on the internet that would work as a sampler book.  So I set out on my own and made one that works for me.  Here are step by step instructions on how to make a “basic fabric book“.

I made my book with 100% linen but any fabric will work.   The pages measure 8.5″ x 11.5”.  My book has 5 pages.  One yard of fabric will make 8 pages.  I will end up adding the 3 pages later.

Next step was to sew in all the tatted pieces.  I carefully pinned them in place then stitched them into the book being careful to only go through one layer of fabric.

The only thing missing are the dates the pieces were made.  I am thinking that stamped fabric with a date next to the piece might work but then it takes up space.  The same problem comes up with where the patterns came from.  But I guess as a sampler only having tatting in the book would work.  I am undecided on that part of the book.

Hope you enjoy my tatted sampler book.  More than anything I hope others start making them as well.

Altered pillow Returns

Yesterday was pretty exciting for me……Oh yeah….I received my returns for the altered pillow swap.   I spent a good part of the day deciding what to do with my little treasures.   The ladies did a wonderful job on them.

So I am thinking about a little book of altered fabric pieces.  The book will need a back, which I have a wonderful quilt block that Roc gave me some time ago that her grandmother made,  that will be the back and misc pieces to complete the front of the book.  I will need to create a bridge to bind the book that will allow me to sew in pages as I make them.

Tatted frame

This tatted frame was wonderful to work.  It didn’t take too long to make either.  The pattern can be found in a book  by Mary Konior, Tatting with Visual Patterns.

I am counting this as #24 for the 25 Motif Challenge.

Thread used is DMC Ecru in size 50.  The piece measures 7″ x 10.5″

Zentangle Bookmark

I joined a bookmark swap at the Artist’s Nest.  This month the theme is zentangle.  I made mine a little different by stitching fabric to the bookmark, then drawing around those stitches.  First Bristol smooth paper was painted with acrylic paints on both sides.  Next each fabric leaf was glued in place, then stitched one at a time.  Then the zentangle was drawn.  Highlights were done with prisma colored pencils.

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