This is a watercolor painting in my Moleskine Sketchbook.

Pink Flamingo

So far my Moleskine Sketchbook has a bird theme, which is awesome, since I love birds.  Watercolor, micron pen and watercolor marker was used to create this pink flamingo.

Another bird

Here is another bird in my Moleskine Sketchbook.  Watercolor, prisma colored pencil, micron pen.

Moleskine Sketchbook

I put together a little travel art bag with a small Moleskine Sketchbook.   It’s exciting to start a sketchbook, which I haven’t done in years.  Here is my first drawing done with watercolor, micron pen, and watercolor markers.

Tatted Edging “Hen and Chicks”

I purchased a beautiful sheer black scarf/stole and I thought it would be even prettier if I tatted an edging.  Since it is such a large scarf,  I chose to do a Hen and Chicks pattern.  This is one of the first patterns I learned.  The pattern is an old photo copy and I have no idea where it originated.  It’s a popular pattern and can be found in several books.  Here is a link: Georgia Seitz.  Thread used is DMC 80 in black.  So far it is 4ft 8in long.  The length at this point will be number 4 of the 25 Motif Challenge.

Citron Shawlette

I have been very busy the past couple weeks,  so I am a bit behind in posting the things I have made.  This cute little shawlette was started Feb 16th and completed March 13th.   Citron  is a free pattern that can be found at by Hilary Smith Callis.   I have been trying to knit items that include something I have never done before in order to learn everything possible about knitting.  What I learned from this pattern was “the cast on 3, knit 6 rows, rotate 90 degrees pickup stitches”  it was confusing to me in the beginning,  I was over thinking the whole process, and feel pretty silly now since it really is easy.  Yarn used was Knit Picks Shadow Lace Yarn,  Grasshopper Kettle-Dyed,   100% merino wool, and sorry to say they no longer carry this color.  It took exactly one skein to make the Citron.

Knitting group going-away and gift bag postcards!

Last Saturday was the last day with my knitting group. It is hard for me to leave an awesome group of women,  I always looked  forward to Saturday mornings with them.  They surprised me with a going-away, and generous gifts to boot.  I was so happy to find this group of  ladies, and I really cherish their friendship.  I have learned a lot about knitting from this talented group.    Saturday was also the first time a man, Melissa’s dear husband, came to our group and he even picked up some sticks to learn how to knit.  Woot,  I hope he and Melissa enjoy several evenings knitting together.  Penny was the first person I taught how to tat, and she included a tiny tatted piece in the gift bag,  I am so proud of her.    She was very patient with me and she picked it up quickly.  Teri knitted and felted a little bag; it’s not in the picture because I am actually using it as a purse.  There was yarn, hand creams, note cards, bookmarks and more.  Penny was just too awesome and wrapped a magazine in fabric….ohhhh if you know me, you know I love fabric!!  I just love all that black yarn, which, I can never have enough in my stash.  I just can’t thank them enough for all the gifts; but the most awesome thing they gave me was friendship.

The gift bag was so pretty and full of brightly colored tissue paper that I just had to make it into something.  I cut the bag up, and was delighted to find that it yielded 19 postcards.  I’m sending them out as thank-you cards.

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