Notebook cover from an old painting.

I have several painted canvases that are not my best work which end up in a pile.   This painting is one of them.  I have no idea what the hell I was thinking about when I painted it but today it reminds me of the “Partridge Family Bus”.   Since I am moving it’s forcing me to go through all my stuff and decide if it’s really worth keeping.  I almost threw all my old paintings out this morning but then couldn’t do it.  My pile is fairly small since all my friends have picked through it over the years.   So why not make more notebook covers which is something I use everyday.  I began by removing the canvas from the frame.  Measured my notebook and started to cut.  A piece of fabric was added to make a sleeve.  It’s a simple zig zag stitch around the whole piece.   There was a piece left over which that made a nice little pouch for pens.   This was fun for me and it only took about 30mins to make.   Who knew being green could be so much fun!!

Taught my husband to knit!!

My husband asked me to teach him how to knit!  Yes this really happened,  his idea heehhee.  He learned to cast on and do a basic knit stitch.  He caught on really quick.  We spent last night watching a movie about the music of Young at Heart, which was very good, drank wine and knitted.  Pinch me…am I in some weird state…a coma…is this really happening?  All I can say is we had the best time, it was just too much fun.

Read what he says about his knitting experience at

Knitted Wine Cozy

We are moving from Maryland to Florida in April, then another move in October, so it is a very busy time.   There is so much to do, I have been going through all my stuff preparing for a yard sale.  My attic is full, it’s 10 years of “What should I do with this? ….I don’t know put it in the attic.”  What an awful habit, but it does make for an awesome yard sale.  I found this knitted Wine Cozy that was knitted years ago.   It is a free pattern that can be found at  Yarn is Bernat cottontots in Sweet Cream.  Maybe more crafty things will show up.

Tatted Bookmark Winner

It was nice hear that this piece has inspired some people to learn tatting.  There are not enough tatters in the world, we need to learn this art form and pass it on to future generations.  How exciting for those who are going to  pick up the shuttle again, have no fear it’s like riding a bike, you never forget.   It doesn’t get any better than when a tatted piece brings up the memory of a loved one.  Thank you all for all the lovely comments,  even the coffee ones eheheh.  The participants are:

1. Penny

2. Roc

3. Valerie

4. Lyn

5. Liz

6. Elizabeth

7. Kathy

8. Diane

9. Sharon

10. Teresa

11. mf

12. tatteristic

13. John

14. Melissa

15. Emma

16. Wanda

17. Connie

18. Cathy

19. Alba Alicia

20. Sharon

21. Constancet

22. Ann

23. Nancy

24. Ann

25 Nancy

26. Tami

Using number generator the winning number is: #21

Congrats Constancet!  Constancet comment to the post was “This looks like a prized possession which I would deeply cherish. Have not seen anything like this since my grandmother used to do it. Wonderful special piece.”

Constancet has a flickr site constancet2009 with lots of creative art.  If like what you see there visit her store  Constance Taylor’s Etsy Shop.

Thanks to everyone who played!





I love buttons, they are so fun to make.  I am not too skilled at it, but that hasn’t stopped me from creating many types of buttons. I added a Buttons tab with a little gallery of buttons I made.  Judy inspired me to make a dorset button.  I saw her buttons at Stitching Fingers which led me to her beautiful blog CJ Stitching and Blooms that is full of wonderful eye candy.  Hope you enjoy my first attempt at making a dorset button.  I had no idea how to finish the back so I stitched a loop.

Tatted Bookmark Giveaway

Yesterday, I went to JoAnn Fabrics to score some Lizbeth thread, which I recently learned they were carrying.  Lizbeth thread is 100 percent Egyptian cotton and is a dream to tat with.  After the short but determined trip to JoAnn’s, my husband and I stopped at Border’s books and had some over-boiled and burnt coffee, and I was inspired to tat while sipping on said burnt offering.  Regardless of the state of modern “gourmet” coffee, we had a great time, and this piece was the result of a nice afternoon in the bookstore, which happens to have a better atmosphere than coffee.

I am offering the piece as a giveaway!  Leave a comment to enter to win the bookmark.  Your comment can be about anything, even a stern disagreement about my coffee opinions!  This bookmark was made with Lizbeth Thread,  size 20,  100% Egyptian cotton  in Blue Med. col. 651.   Bookmark measures 6″x1″.  I am counting this as #3 for the 25 Motif Challenge.

Drawing will take place March 15, 2010.  Good luck!



Yo-Yo Fabric Postcards

Playing around with fabric.  Here are a few postcards I made using fabric yo-yo.   Centers are made with a thick stabilizer.  Backs are white smooth bristol paper and stamped with StazOn ink.



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