Baby Hats

A sweet little knitted hat for Becca and Stevie’s baby boy.

A cute little crocheted hat for Jennifer and Stevie’s little baby boy who is due in Jan.

When he can no longer wear this hat the cord can be pulled tight to turn the hat into a little keepsake pouch.

“Georgia” Afghan for Max

This blanket was made with love for Sam and Brad’s second little baby boy Max.

This is my second “Georgia” afghan by Kate Jacobs.   I wanted this blanket to be much smaller so I used size 11 needles.  It made the perfect baby sized blanket.   Yarn used was 3 skeins of Lion Brand Yarn Homespun in corinthian.

Penny Petal Art Doll

Introducing Penny Petal an art doll made for a swap at Amusing Muses hosted by Roc.  The template for the dolls body can be found on Alam Stoller’s blog.  The body is a plain basic pattern and the rest of Penny Petal was my own imagination.  Hope you enjoy her she was fun to make.

Knitted 3 Ring Binder Cover

Well I knitted notebook covers so why not a 3 ring binder cover.  Now I have something pretty to hold my knitting patterns.   Yarn used is 1 skein of Lion Brand Yarns Jiffy in 159 Dark Grey Heather.  The stitch used is a waffle stitch.  A batik fabric was used to make the inside sleeve.

Knitted Postcards 2

Here is my second group of knitted postcards. This is one of the funnest ways I have found to use all that left over yarn.

Knitted Notebook Covers

I use notebooks as I knit to keep track of my stitches or notes in patterns.  As I was making my knitted postcards I thought about making covers for my notebooks.  This is what I came up with so far.

The black and grey notebook cover is my first attempt.  The inside has a sleeve made of commercial felt.  The felt was good to experiment with but its not as stable as I would have liked.  The yarn used was Vanna’s Choice Charcoal Print.

More attention to detail was given to this rust notebook cover.   The knitted pattern is squares.  Yarn used is Vanna’s Choice 133 Brick.  The fabric used for the inside sleeve is rusted fabric I made last summer, which I need to do again …my stash is getting low.  Interfacing was used to give the fabric more stability.  I really like how these have turned out.   Working on a cover for a 3 ring binder that holds some of my knitting patterns.

Friday Night Blanket – Knitting

I belong to a group in Ravelry that meets every Saturday locally to knit.   At one of the meetings I mentioned that I had a lot of yarn and couldn’t remember what I had planned to make.   This pattern the “Georgia” afgan by Kate Jacobs was suggested by Melissa.  It turned out beautiful.  This was a quick and easy blanket to knit…it did get heavy toward the end.  Yarn used was 8 skeins of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick by Lion Brand Yarn in Pewter and 3 skeins of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick by Lion Brand Yarn in Denim.  Complete blanket measure 48”x67”.  This blanket is for Aunt Renie.

Knitted Postcards

What to do with all those tiny balls of yarn from left over projects?  Make knitted postcards!   These were pretty fun to make.  Also make great gifts!  I don’t like to throw anything away so this was a great use for the small bits yarn that were taking over my yarn stash.  There are plenty more in the making but these are the completed postcards.

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