Sewing a Night Shirt

Well this was a challenge for me to make a night shirt but I DID IT!!!  I do think that making a quilt is much easier than sewing a garment.    I used a Simplicity pattern and my mother in law Charmie talked me through this on the phone.

Tatting Challenge – 23 of 25 Motif

Thread used for this little bookmark is DMC 80.

Tatting Challenge – 22 of 25 Motif

This Spinning Wheel pattern can be found in “Tatting with visual Patterns” by Mary Konior.  Thread used is DMC 60 in white.

Black Knitted Scarf

Yarn used was TLS Amore by Red Heart color 3002 Black.


Hats and scarves just in time for the cooler weather!!  These are gifts I will be mailing to Kentucky this week.  The pink hat is for the cutest little girl Cory.  The cream is for Char and the grey is for Angie.  No pattern was used.  Misc. yarns from my stash.

Shuttles and more found at flea markets and antique shops

Usually when I am at the cabin I never venture out but this time I have been going out nonstop and it’s been fun.  Here are the little treasures I have found so far.

Painted Rocks

Years ago I had painted a rock for my mother in law Charmie.  Her friend Jerry kept commenting on how much she likes the rock so I painted one for her this week.  Then I painted one for my Aunt Renie.  The birds came from a book Garden Birds or something like that I don’t have it with me at the moment so I will have to update this later.

Charmies humming bird.

Jerry’s red n black bird.

Renie’s baby blue bird.

Tatting Challenge – 20, 21 of 25 motif

Cross bookmarks made for my cousin Angie’s mother in-law Jenny and her sister.   Thread used is DMC 60 white. 20 and 21 of 25 motifs are completed,  almost done!

Tatting Challenge – 19 of 25 motif

Tatting on a covered button is my 19th piece of the 25 Motif Challenge.  Thread used is DMC 100.

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