Tatting Challenge 18 of 25 Motif

This cute little bookmark was made using Lady Shuttle Maker‘s hand dyed thread called Helms Deep size 80.  Bookmark measures 5 1/2 inches in length.  This is 18 of the 25 Motif Challenge.

Smithsonian Behind the Scenes Lace Tour

In Piece Work Magazine July/Aug 2009 issue Karen Thompson wrote an article about a Behind the Scenes Lace tour at the Smithsonian.  The tour takes 8 people every 4th Thursday of the month excluding Nov. and Dec.   Karen Thompson is also the tour guide and she was a delite to spend 2hours with.  This tour is well worth the visit if you are able to attend.   It was mostly point and bobbin lace.  Karen had a history wall set up that she went over in great detail.  All the lace we were shown was hand made.

I did ask Karen if I could see some tatting and she showed us one drawer.  The tatting was beautiful and very fine threads were used.  Not like what is used mostly today.  It has inspired me to find and use finer threads for some of my work.  She did mention that most of the old paintings we see with women holding shuttles are knot shuttles and not tatting.

As I was loading all my pictures I realized there were too many photos and too much information to list under each.   I did organize them as best as I could.    There is over 100 pictures of the point and bobbin lace.   Lace was very expensive. It was worn as a ranking system in high society to show wealth and social standing.   Oh yes this I find very amusing….Men wore a ton of the stuff heeheh.  Like to see that happen today. All lace was made by peasants and it was illegal for them to wear any lace.

See my gallery Smithsonian Lace to view all the pictures.

There are 10,000 stitches in this one inch square.

The Tatting Shuttle Tester is…..

TRAYNA!!  WooT!!   Her blog is Trayna’s Tatterings & Natterings she has been tatting for 37 years.  I am so excited for her to test my new and improved polymer clay tatting shuttle.

The very first shuttle I made is working well for me and has a some tatting hanging from it.  The shuttle was a little big for my hands so I made a smaller shuttle which happened to be the original shuttle for the tester.   It was smaller and a bit thinner which probably made it weak.  So I spent the weekend making shuttles.  I tried to reinforce the clay with copper wire….they fell apart.   So I made them thicker and a bit bigger like my first shuttle.  I am hoping that this is a good shuttle!!  We all can’t wait to hear what Trayna thinks!

New Tatting Shuttle for the Tester

Well first I have to say “opps…omg…omg” …The original shuttle broke while I was showing it to my knitting group Saturday morning.  My heart sunk…then panic set in to make a new and better shuttle for the drawing on Monday.   First thing I did was throw away all the shuttles I had made…cry!  The new one is much thicker and is a bit bigger.  Crossing my fingers hoping this is a solution to the breakage.  I am glad it broke in my hand and not someone elses.  It is possible that polymer clay is not a good material to construct a tatting shuttle.  With this in mind I have only made 5 and painted one.   I do hope that this works …if not its back to the drawing board.

Update – Help Wanted: Tatting Shuttle Tester Needed

I am so excited that so many tatters want to test my shuttle.    The drawing is Monday Aug 24th.  Below  is a list of tatters who have  qualified for the drawing.  If you have not entered please see this post  Help Wanted:  Tatting Shuttle Tester Needed on my blog for details.   If  you posted here and your  name is not listed below please email me at shadetreeart.com@gmail.com with your missing info.  I have sent emails requesting some info but if I missed your name please email me so I can add you to the list for the drawing this Monday.

Today 8/23 I have added Clyde to the list!!

Diane at  Lace-lovin’ Librarian has been tatting for 15 years.

Lenore at  Have Shuttle, will Tat and tatt3r’s lacystuff has been tatting for 40 years.

Tattingchic at Tattingchic has been tattring for 29 years.

Krystle at Krystledawne Tats has been tatting for 5 years

Tatskool at TATS A KOOL CHALLENGE has been tatting for 50 YEARS.

Carol at Carol’s Little Treasures has been tatting for 20years.

Trayna at Trayna’s Tatterings and Natterings has been tatting for 37 years.

Isdihara at Ambitatterous has been tatting for 30 years.

Wanda at Wanda’s Knotty Thoughts has been tatting for 29 years.

Clyde at Clyde the Mad Tatter has been tatting for 28 years.

Help Wanted: Tatting Shuttle Tester Needed

An experienced tatter of at least 5 years who is familiar with using several different types of shuttles is needed to test my polymer clay tatting shuttle.   A review will be needed within one week of receiving the shuttle.   You would also agree to write a testimony about the shuttle for me to post on my Etsy site.  An honest opinion is needed as this is something I would like to sell.   The shuttle is yours to keep for your time.

All you need to do is comment on this post stating your experience with a link to your active blog that is specific  to tatting.   A name will be randomly drawn.   Drawing will take place Monday August 24, 2009.


Amusing Muses is hosting several monthly challenges.   One is for Zentangles.  It has been quite awhile since I have made an ATC to trade.  My Zentangle Inspired ATC was created with a Micron pen and watercolor on bristol smooth paper.  ATC size 2.5×3.5 inches.

Polymer Clay Tatting Shuttle

This is my first attempt at making a tatting shuttle.  I used polymer clay.  Unfortunately my oven was too hot so it came out with bubbles all over the darn thing.  The outside surface was sanded but left the very few bubbles inside.    Then I painted a daisy on the top.   Of course I enjoyed the painting part the best.    Its been a long time since I have painted and it was very enjoyable.  Next is to load it with some thread to put it to a tatting test.   Lets hope this little shuttle is durable.

Tatting Challenge – 17 of 25 Motif

#17 of 25 Motif Challenge is a tatted covered button.  This button measures 1 1/8 dia.    Thread used is DMC 100.

Tatting Challenge – 16 of 25 Motif

In the May/June issue of Piece Work Magazine was an article on Trimmings.  It featured “The Chantilly Border” which included the pattern.  So I made a  strand that measures 9 inches.  Thread used was DMC 80 in white.  This makes 16 for the 25 Motif Challenge.

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