Tatting Challenge – motif 2 of 25

Motif 2 of 25 is the center part of a doily pattern from the book A New Twist on Tatting by Catherine Austin.  The outer edge of this piece is a single crochet in the end of each picot.  I made a button out of my motif which is a first for me and it was easier to do than I expected!!  So you will be seeing more buttons from me in the future.   Ecru Dmc 80 is thread used in this piece and linen fabric on a 2inch button.

Strands of Tatted Lace

3 strands of tatted lace 5in to 7in in length.  These are small pieces that are made from the threads in my tatting shuttles..ohhh the thread was old and when it would break I would end the piece.     Yesterday I went out to buy new thread and the only 2 shops I knew of went out business but a kind lady at JoAnn Fabrics was nice enough to direct me to The Stitching Post .  I have a piece of art that I have been working on that these will go into.

Tatting Challenge – motif 1 of 25

Recently I  joined a lace makers group on Stitchin Fingers.  There is a 25 Motif Challenge for Tatters that I am really excited about.  Its a great way for me start  tatting again.  I decided to start out with something easy since its been years since I tatted.   Last night I made this motif and its not perfect I am pretty rusty.   Today I am starting a strand of lace.

motif  1 of 25  made with coton perle DMC 12, 644

Doll Dress with Tatted Lace

My father in law Hank was sweet and took this picture of a doll dress I made for my mother in law Charmie.  The dress was made some time around 1996.    I made the dress then added the lace pieces as I completed them.  The booties are really sweet and I am very pleased with how those turned out.  The baby bonnet in my gallery that was never completed was meant for this doll.


Here is a picture of a flower that I painted last year.  Done on canvas paper with acrylic paint.  Painted from a photo that I took at my husbands grandmothers garden in eastern Kentucky.  The piece measure 2.5×3.5


Yesterday my dear husband needed something form a closet and in the process of digging around a box fell open and it was full of all my tatting stuff.  I took pictures this morning and created a gallery for you to view.  I learned how to tat in my late teens. I never took a picture of any work  I created, which is sad to me now but here are the bits that were in the box including an unfinished baby bonnet.  Also in the pictures are a few of the tatting shuttles I started to collect.

Hearts – Sunday Postcard Art

The theme this week at Sunday Postcard Art is hearts.  I made this sacred heart with acrylic paint on bristol, book page and painted canvas background.

Hanging Heart

Amusing Muses Feb contest is a hanging heart.  The actual heart is 4×4 and the length is 19inches.

Pink Beaded Scarf

This is a basic garter stitch knitted scarf made with Paton’s Divine yarn in Floral Fantasy color.  Ends are embellished with a variety of glass beads.

Wavy-Rib Warmer Knitted Scarf

This Wavy-Rib Warmer is a pattern from a Better Homes and Gardens 1-2-3 Knit beginners’ guide.   I used Bernat Softee Chunky yarn in Grey Heather  with 10.5 knitting needles.

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