Rusted Fabric

I have rusted fabric to use in collage and mixed media pieces. It was fun to do but the rust is actually pretty messy to work with. I folded the fabric onto a rusty cookie sheet with lots of extra rusty bits on top. Soaked it with water, let the sun dry it and repeated this for a few weeks. I am pretty excited to use this in a project!


Well I have had a very busy week, so there wasn’t a lot of time for art.  Here are 2 paintings I did on Thursday. The blue portrait was painted for Original Youth, we did a private trade on Both are acrylic on canvas paper.


Faces were my theme for today.  Both paintings are postcard size 4×6.  The colorful painting was done with acrylic paints and paint pens.  The other was done with acrylics.  Both done on canvas paper.

Floral Flowers

Floral flowers were my theme for today. They are interesting to work with and not always easy to get them to lay flat! I painted on top of the Orange Floral Flower with acrylics and it sits on a mixed media background. Imagine is an all fabric postcard…kinda has a scrap book look. Green Floral Leaf is lots of fabric layers with free motion sewing, tulle and some gold acrylic highlights. The ATC is made from the scraps of the Green Floral Leaf postcard. The scraps were pieced for the background.


Read an article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors about fabric collage. The postcard was an attempt at painting fabric. Only the background was painted. Painting fabric is hard to me ..guess I need to practice more.


Today I visited a site called Sunday Postcard Art and was very inspired!!  Here are 3 postcards I made today.  The backs are not finished on these cards.  Currently looking for some neat stamp that says “postcard” for the back area.   What a great reason to go stamp shopping!!  Haven’t decided what to do with them.  Thinking about making some prints.


Its the last day for the CAT!! I made a few more of the Java cards to trade and a few more collage birds on request. Then I did a rolo after an artist in Amerasu’s favorite list.. “After an Illustration by Yevgenia Nayberg” my collage version of the artists work.


I started to join the Collage-A-Thons (CAT) in March at AtcsforAll. Its been a challenge since I am used to working in mostly paint or fabric. I have learned so many techniques which has been a lot of fun. The CAT started yesterday but I jumped into the fast paced madness this morning. The pink Love Card was made from a Valentine card for a Recycle Swap at AtcsforAll. Here is what I created today.


Today was all about teal. I made a large piece of fabric using a technique from a thread on ATCsforAll. Which ended up to be a binder cover, 2 postcards and 2 ATCs.  The postcards and atcs were made from the left over pieces of the binder cover,  they were pieced together.


Welcome to Shade Tree Art! Just started and I am pretty excited about having all my art in one spot. Today I will be adding pictures of my art and some links! Check back to see what I create!

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